Helping your child adapt to school

Starting school, or even going back to school, every September, represents an important moment in your child’s life. Here are some ways in which your child can learn to adapt to school.

Strengthen their circle of friends

Having a group of friends allows children to feel at ease in school. Their circle of friends will become an important reference throughout the years. In addition, friendships strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Working hand-in-hand with the school and its staff

Faced with a problem, difficulty or delicate situation? It’s always better to team up with the school personnel rather than turn your back on these trained professionals. Disagreeing with a certain decision? Get involved, make a phone call or set a meeting with the teacher and explain your point of view in a respectful manner. Remind yourself that balance is the objective. There is no need to constantly accuse the teacher, nor do you have to endlessly apologize for your child.

Increasing their feeling of belonging

Children need to consider themselves important in the eyes of others and see others as important to themselves in order to have a good social self-esteem”, explains Germain Duclos, a published author. Being a part of the soccer team or the school’s “green” comity will allow children to feel useful to their community and therefore associate school (and learning) with something positive and valuable to them.

Positive outlook

Having a positive outlook on school and everything surrounding it is important. Instead of complaining that homework is endless and tedious, try to bring out the positive side of studying, such as acquiring knowledge. It’s important is to congratulate your child not only on their performances, but also on their efforts. This way, everything becomes a source of pride!

Another routine?

Children are most comfortable when their daily habits fall into a well-established routine. In that case, why deny yourself the established rituals that comfort your child and help hectic days go smoothly?

How about moving around?

Physical activity is essential in the life of your child. Staying put on a school chair for long hours is quite a challenge and not only for hyperactives. Doing sports, or simply moving around, not only satisfy a physical need, but also a psychological need. ‘‘It allows children to get rid of tensions and balance their energy, making them more available to learning in school ’’, explains Germain Duclos.  Children are then in a better mindset to focus and learn.

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