5 things that breastfeeding moms wish they had known the first time around

To Not Allow “Let-Down” Get You Down

One side effect of breastfeeding is “let-down” – a sudden powerful reflex that releases breastmilk. This important reflex helps you to feed your baby, but it can also cause your breasts to leak, sometimes at inopportune times.

The best way to deal with breast leakage is to use breast pads. Worn under your clothes, breast pads can protect your clothes from being damaged by breast milk and will help keep them from developing a sour milk odor over time.

Also, don’t be surprised if you experience uncontrolled let-down when you hear another baby crying or even when you think about your child. This is a normal part of the process. If you’re experiencing let-down at night, another good solution is to get a sleep bra. This specially designed type of bra makes it easier and more comfortable to nurse at night and hold nursing pads.

Your Baby Knows Best

Babies may not be able to do much at the beginning of their lives, but, they instinctually know a lot about breastfeeding. Many mothers are surprised that babies have a “breastfeeding instinct” where they innately know how to find the mother’s nipple and take their first feeding of breastmilk. Follow your baby’s lead. Even if it seems like your baby is nursing “too much” or “not enough,” the chances are, your baby is getting exactly what they need to grow healthy and strong.

Happy breastfeeding!


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