9 good reasons to breastfeed

8. Healthcare savings

Because breastfed babies have less ear infections, colics, respiratory and intestinal problems (since they have a stronger immune system), the health care savings are real. As a matter of fact, if 60 % of all babies were breastfed during their first 3 months of life, we could save up to 5 million dollars. Imagine the effect on our healthcare system if they were all breastfed for 6 months...

9. Worldwide impact

Specialists have concluded that the 8% augmentation of mothers who exclusively breastfeed their babies until they are 6 months old has led to a reduction in infant mortality by a million, reduced by 600,000 cases  the number of fertility problems and allowed countries save billions of dollars on unnecessary maternal milk.

To be completely honest, we have to admit that breastfeeding comes with its load of sacrifices. The mother is constantly called upon since breast milk is easily digested (1h30) and the baby will drink a lot more often than one who is taking formula, who is fed on average every two to three hours.

The mother gets less sleep because the father can’t really help with the feedings. The mother can’t drink too much alcohol or coffee. And let’s not forget that breastfed children must take vitamin D supplements everyday until their diet provides the needed quantity.

Every woman is entitled to weigh the pros and cons and make the right decision for herself about how she will feed her baby and how long the adventure will last. If for any reason you can’t do it and feel stressed out, you will pass that stress on to your baby and he probably won’t collaborate. But rest assures that nothing is worth the breast milk you’ll give your child. No pills or formulas will ever come close!

Source: The Canadian Paediatric Society, Health Canada

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