Developing your child’s sense of humor

Your child will make you laugh with a more subtle sense of humor from the age of ten. The antics will make way for more elaborated jokes. However, it is also around this age that they will clumsily try to make people laugh with sexual jokes.

Learn to laugh and make laugh

Don’t try to find a way to transform your child into a comedian of the year. According to Thomas Shultz, a psychology teacher at McGill University who studied the sense of humor in children, to facilitate the development of your child’s sense of humor, “play and be happy with them, their sense of humor will come naturally…”.

Early on, babies laugh when their parents laugh, do “funny faces” or tickle them. Of course, parents burst out laughing when they see or hear their child laughing and it encourages the baby to do it again. This is a good way to promote the development of their sense of humor.

No study has shown that watching movies or comedy television series can make children funnier. The children of professional comedians are not necessarily better equipped to develop a great sense of humor, adds Dr. Shultz.

The tickles, the rhymes, the personifications and all the other funny situations are not useless, quite the contrary. Laugh with your family whenever you get the chance, everyone will benefit from it!

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