Dental Flare-Ups

How can we relieve baby naturally?

We know dental flare-ups are unavoidable and teething is a difficult time for both the child and the parents... fortunately, there are solutions to make this moment easier to go through and help relieve your little ones.

Teething is marked by the appearance of the primary or "baby teeth" and usually begins around six months of age and ends around the age of three. This difficult period begins with swollen gums followed by the appearance of one or more teeth. 

For each growing tooth, the symptoms occur four days before and up to three days after the eruption. The main symptoms are:

  • pain in the gums
  • intense salivation and a desire to chew everything that comes within reach
  • red cheeks
  • aggressive nights, a grumpier temperament and crying
  • diarrhoea and red buttocks

It is difficult for parents to see their baby suffer without being able to do something to help. But everybody has to go through this period because dental flare-ups are a normal phenomenon. Thankfully, natural and effective solutions exist to help soothe your child's pain and, at the same time, enjoy better nights!

Homeocan's natural solutions to soothe baby’s aches

Among the effective natural solutions to help baby during difficult dental flares up, there are two Homeocan remedies: the KIDS 0-9 Teething 25 ml Oral Solution and KIDS 0-9 Teething Uni-Doses. Both products are natural, with no added sugar, no colouring and no side effects. They help soothe pain, restlessness and irritability, and allow baby to have a good night's sleep.

While the Teething Oral Solution drops are perfect for treating your child at home, the Uni-Doses sterile doses are more convenient and easy to use when you can not easily carry a bottle. This remedy guarantees a complete dose every time, for optimal efficiency. It fits in your bag or pocket and is always ready to be used immediately to soothe baby whenever and wherever needed.

Did you know?

To complete the use of these two wonderful remedies, here are some simple tips that will make baby happy (and you too;):

  • Boil water and let it cool in the refrigerator. Once the water is cold, soak a clean washcloth, wring it out and gently massage the baby's gums with a finger wrapped in the fabric. You can also let them chew on the washcloth themselves, under your supervision of course. The cold and the tissue will help soothe the pains of the dental flare.
  • You can offer a textured rubber teething ring, by placing it in the refrigerator beforehand (never in the freezer, too cold, it could cause burns!). Here too, the cold will soothe baby's discomfort. Always favour natural rubber and solid rings to prevent the growth of bacteria inside.
  • Use a toothbrush specifically designed for babies to massage your child's gums very gently.
  • Finally, a baby, even more so during periods of dental flare, needs to be cuddled and reassured. Do not hesitate to take your child in your arms to comfort them and help soothe their mood.

Some things should be avoided to help your child:

  • teething biscuits, which can cause cavities
  • hard foods to eat with which they could choke
  • hazel collars, which also pose a choking hazard.
  • Finally, anesthetic gels to be applied directly to the gums are strongly discouraged by Health Canada, as they can prevent the swallowing reflex and cause other side effects.

Even if dental flares ups are a normal step in the development of your child, it does not have to be difficult and painful, for them or for you! With natural remedies from Homeocan, you will soothe your baby, naturally and effectively.


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