The order of solid foods


Yogurt can be added to your child’s diet once every above-mentioned food has been introduced. It is high in calcium and vitamin D.

Yogurt choices
Choose a natural yogurt with 2 % or 3.5 % of fat. Serve it with fruit purees or little pieces of chopped fresh fruits. Avoid light, low fat or sweet yogurts.

Yogurt quantities
One portion is about 80 ml or ⅓ cup.

Beware of honey and corn syrup

To be on the safe side, avoid giving honey or corn syrup to your child until he is 12 months old, even in small quantities or in recipes. Even if honey and corn syrup have been pasteurized, they may contain botulism spores. Once inside the intestine, the infant botulism is a very dangerous and even deadly disease.

Just because your child had cereal for dinner, don’t think this will help him sleep through the night. It has nothing to do with it.

Don’t overfeed your little baby. Eating is not always the answer to your baby’s cries or short nights. Respect your child’s appetite and don’t force him to eat more. If your baby shuts his mouth or turns his head after taking a bite, he is trying to tell you that he has eaten enough.

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