Vertical gardening ideas

Don’t let your lack of space stop you from growing your own garden. Here are 5 ideas to grow plants vertically in the smallest spaces.

Vertical Pallet Gardening

Re-used painted or varnished pallets are perfect for urban gardening. There are several ways to place plants, herbs and flowers in them, just use your imagination and modify one to your liking. If you like urban gardening, yet don't like or don't have the time to DIY. Fabric pockets are already installed inside and will, together with the organic soil and seedlings of your choice, make the perfect urban garden for you and your family.

Smartpots Wall Pouches

SmartPots wall pouches are soft-sided, fabric pouches that have the rigidity to hold their shape and provides the plants with good drainage. In fact, the pot was originally developed for and has been used by commercial tree growers for over twenty years.

Multiple Wall Pouches

Put outdoor walls and fences into productive use to create a living wall of flowers, salads and herbs. These packs of wall planters provide an effective growing space for 16 plants. The top 3 pockets feature drainage holes that help to water the plants below and the bottom pocket is sealed to prevent compost leakage.

BacSac Railing Pouches

Living in a smaller urban space, but still trying to find ways to grow herbs and plants, while using and enjoying your space to the most? This French Design Railing Pouch can easily be attached to your balcony, your fence or any terrace or small urban garden.

Elho Railing Pots

Designed in Netherlands, this trendy balcony railing flowerpot is a unique and exceptionally elegant solution to tastefully decorate your balcony railing or fencing. 
The handy set of clips (included) makes this flowerpot very easy to fix to the railing, making it safe and secure. It is both trendy and decorative!

Gera Landmeter
Eco-friendly consultant

Gera Landmeter is a native Dutch living as urban dweller in Montreal who is looking forward to sharing her ideas with you. Focused on eco-conscious mindsets, she will regularly share her top 5 products for responsible living and gardening as well as special featured stories. If you have any questions for Gera, you can contact her through Planting Happiness’ facebook page, which holds all her contact details.

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