Family camping tips!

Oh the joys of camping! But when we are planning a camping trip for our family, especially the first time, we have to think about and plan for the unexpected!

Camping for me is one of the most rewarding summer activities and I get so excited for summer to finally come so I can begin preparations for that camping trip that will bring me in the forest, breathing in the fresh air and the smell of sausages and marshmallows grilling on the campfire. When you’re planning for the whole family, the success of your trip is often based on one very important I was sorely lacking before starting my family: organization!

Choosing according to your family

Before starting your bags, you’ll want to find THE perfect campground that will fit all your family’s needs and that they will enjoy. It’s important to do extensive research before selecting your campsite as it’s often the place where we are and the activities they offer to your family that will determine the kind of adventure you are going on.

I suggest that you start your search with sites like Camping guide and Camping Quebec that are always a gold mine full of resources to help you find campgrounds in the area you want to visit and that will help you compare so you can make an informed choice basted on your criteria.


This is where your organization will come in handy! Make a list of what you will need to bring and try to not wait at the last minute before starting your luggage (that’s what I often do, and I always end up regretting it). To always keep your list handy, I recommend a Camping Checklist application that will help you remember what you have to do before you leave.

Remember to bring
  • Mosquito repellent: because they are everywhere and I’m quite sure you want to sleep at night, not scratch for hours! I like the original application Anti-Mosquito and the all natural insect-repellent lotion bars you can make yourself.
  • Sunscreen: to avoid bad uncomfortable sunburns!
  • Calamine lotion: to help you relieve the itch from mosquito bites and poison ivy.
  • Kleenex and tissue: because with kids, you never know when you’ll need it, fast!
  • A GPS or compass: because getting lost on the road or in the forest probably isn’t in your plans!
Camping menu

Personally, I like to plan my menu in advance as much as possible so I can prepare some staple things like pasta salads or spaghetti sauce which can turn out to be very useful if it rains during your trip. You can also bring food in a can like soups and pasta for the days where you don’t really feel like cooking.

My first camping trip with my family was when my first child was only six weeks old and one of the things that helped me the most was the Bib’Expresso that heated bottles of my milk in less than 30 seconds at night! It’s so convenient when you don’t have a microwave close by!

I suggest you don’t necessarily purchase all your food in advance. Try to find supermarkets that are located near your campsite so you can pop in when your reserves get low. This way, you can avoid being concerned about the conservation of your food long-term in the cooler.


If there is one thing we can’t control it’s the temperature! Try to not get discouraged if it starts raining and see it rather as an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. It’s the perfect time to get those old stories of the past out in the open and impress them with your old adventures!

Also remember to bring some board games, novels, puppets for the younger kids and a flashlight: kids love shadow games and it’s a wonderful way to distract them during those rainy days! If you are near a movie theater, a shopping mall or an indoor attraction center, it’s also the perfect day for you to enjoy it!

Have fun camping!

Image de Mariem Melainine

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