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Summer resolutions… Why not?

We only make resolutions on New Year but we could do so all year! Resolutions are just projects and goals that we set to reach an ideal. Summer resolutions… why not?

We sometimes find it difficult to keep our resolutions but at least they make us contemplate what we would like to undertake and what we would like to change in our lives. In fact, more than empty promises, we must think of those resolutions as a way to improve ourselves, yes, but also as a way to actually become ourselves.

Resolutions allow us to...
  • Evolve
  • Change
  • Improve
  • Develop
  • Move on
  • Follow our dreams
How to succeed in seeing your resolutions through

From resolution to action
This technique allows you to be more precise and to be in action. You are interested in ornithology? Good! Now, let’s find ways to explore it concretely: find a park nearby to start observation, buy a book about birds, carry your camera around, create a web album to display your pictures, etc. You would like to walk more to keep in shape? Buy good shoes, determine a few paths to walk around your house, call a walking group, find friends to walk with, look for parks where you could hang out, set an objective in distance or time length, etc.

Set your resolution in time
Why not set a simple resolution every week or every month during summer? This is a good way to achieve many things dear to our hearts.

Multiply memories to keep track of your project
Take notes, take pictures or keep a journal of your summer adventures.

Share the news
The more we talk about our projects and objectives, the less incline we are to give up on it. You can also drag your family in a family summer resolution. For example, you could find as many parks around your house as you can and do so bike riding! That way, you will multiply your bike rides (and pursue your objective of exercising more) while spending time with your family.

Less is more!
It is useless to start 8 large-scale projects. Focus on an objective that is truly dear to your heart. That way, you have less chances of being disappointed if you don’t achieve every single goal.

Congratulate yourself!
That way you encourage yourself… to keep on! And there’s no need to wait until the whole goal is achieved to pat yourself on the back. Just being on the right track is already an achievement in itself.

Resolution ideas

According to a little vox pop conducted on, here are some summer resolutions ideas.

  • I promise myself to exercise more and to pay more attention to my diet. With the bikinis season, good resolutions follow. And that, even if I’m not a huge pool or beach fan. (Sylvie)
  • Not eating non-stop! Summer is a time to discover yourself and I don’t like having this “darn little annoying belly” that appears when I ate too much. (Marie-Michèle)
  • Get back in shape! I’ve been trying since New Year’s Day actually! (Claudine)
  • I took the resolution to keep my kids playing outside and away from television and video games. (Sandra)
  • This is not really a resolution, except for the promise of enjoying it fully and making memories for our children. My husband and I are both teachers so we are both on vacation for two months. We will try to have at least one interesting weekly activity with our daughters. We are trying to be spontaneous. (Line)
  • This has nothing to do with summer but I decided to keep a daily journal telling of what my son did during the day, of his birth and other little thing that I would like to share with him. I do that every night before going to bed and I also fill out my pregnancy journal. (Julie)
Image de Nadine Descheneaux

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