Gera Landmeter

Gera Landmeter

Eco-friendly consultant



Gera Landmeter is a native Dutch living as urban dweller in Montreal who is looking forward to sharing her ideas with you. Focused on eco-conscious mindsets, she will regularly share her top 5 products for responsible living and gardening as well as special featured stories. If you have any questions for Gera, you can contact her through Planting Happiness’ facebook page, which holds all her contact details.

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Grow your own organic tomatoes

With the summer well on its way, the most frequently asked question I receive is “how can we grow tomato plants successfully”. So, here is some of my wisdom to organically grow tasty tomatoes.

May 30, 2014

Vertical gardening ideas

Don’t let your lack of space stop you from growing your own garden. Here are 5 ideas to grow plants vertically in the smallest spaces.

April 27, 2013