Storage ideas for the toys

Sliding storage system project

If you have a garage or a room you barely use in the basement, you can create this sliding storage system on your ceiling with very little materials: wood, glue, screws and the number of storage bins you need.

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Window bench

Window corners are often a waste of space. Why don’t you install a window bench that includes storage space under the cushion to maximize that space?

Build a storage bench project from Rona

Foldable storage box

These collapsible storage boxes are practical and lightweight in addition to being affordable. With a picture of their favorite characters, these are sure to delight your children!

LEGO storage box

These storage boxes are perfect for organizing, sorting and storing your collection of LEGO bricks. They contain three drawers, four stacked compartments and a surface area which can be used as a base for your creations.

Tub Tubby

The all purpose tub Tubby is easy to handle, lightweight and durable. The handle allows you to easily carry it and it offers a storage capacity of 26 pounds.

Storage cart on wheels

This storage cart on wheels is perfect for storing all your arts and crafts materials. It contains five drawers of varying sizes and is compact enough to store easily.

Hanging net

This storage net offers six pockets and it serves as storage and decoration. You just have to hang it from the ceiling in your child’s room and put in some light toys or plush toys.

Storage box

Storage boxes are becoming increasingly popular and you can use them to store toys. Just slide under the bed or put into a decorative library and voila!

Wood toy chest

Wood toy chests are still very fashionable and they add a very nice and welcoming touch to any child’s room!

Storage cabinet

This cabinet is equipped with sliding plastic that allows you to install as many shelves as you need and insert boxes or storage bins of your choice and color.

Book rack

This small book rack with four colored book pockets and a wooden frame is perfect to keep your children’s books and eliminate all the clutter!

Giant hammock for stuffed animals

You don’t know what to do with all the stuffed animals that are lying around all over the house? This giant hammock for plush toys is the ideal solution for you! Attach the hammock on the wall, in a corner or on the ceiling and display your stuffed animals on it. The hammock can hold 50 plush toys.

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