10 fun accessories to treat minor cuts and bruises has found 10 fun and practical accessories to help children treat their minor cuts and bruises easily so they can go back and play as fast as possible and without worry!

Polysporin for kids 

Polysporin is THE essential product which can be found in all the homes of Quebec parents! Polysporin for children uses the quick-heal formula which prevents infection to speed the healing of cuts, burns and minor scrapes with the help of three antibiotics that provide additional protection against infection. We also like the Poly to go spray which you can bring with you wherever you go.

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My child isn't adapting to school

When we take a look at our children's student life, we tend to idealize it. Yet, it only takes a quick trip down memory lane to remember that not everything in school is so fine and dandy. In fact, it was quite hard for us at times, so why do we expect it to be so easy for our kids?

Dealing with the in-between-seasons weather

Cold, hot, hot, cold, hot ... between two seasons, mercury plays yoyo with the weater and our patience! You never know how to dress your children: it's a real headache! So here are our clever tips to be better prepared.

My child is always arguing!

Your child suddenly starts to refuse whatever you’re offering him overnight and you’re wondering what might have brought on this new behavior?