Baboo from Natrel

Baboo is specially designed for toddlers aged 12 to 24 months. This dairy product provides the ideal complement to the diet of our picky little eaters and ensures a smooth transition to regular milk!

Baboo is the first Canadian dairy product designed to ensure a smooth transition from breast milk or infant formula to regular milk. After two years of research, Natrel developed this rich drink containing 5 essential nutrients that contribute to the growth of your toddler. 

Also, Baboo contains less milk proteins and sodium than regular milk, making it easier to digest and better adapted to the metabolism of babies, especially since its whey/casein ratio is similar to that of breast milk. It is also a natural source of DHA omega-3 that supports the normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves, especially in children younger than 2 years old. Because Baboo contains a natural source of vitamin C, it also helps the absorption of iron. Its 4% milk fat content (fatter than the regular 3.25%milk) is an important source of energy and gives Baboo a good taste of Natrel fresh milk.

It is important to know that despite all of its positive impact on the development of toddlers, Baboo is not an infant formula. That is why it should only be offered to children over 12 months who already eat solid foods until they are ready to drink regular milk.

Natrel Baboo is freshly packed as it is produced and kept in aseptic Tetra Pak containers that protect it from light and oxygen and to preserve its freshness, good taste and nutrients for up to 120 days. The package is ready to drink and kept at room temperature, making it a convenient option for parents, both at home and in their travels.

Baboo is distributed in department stores and in most supermarkets and pharmacies, in the dairy products or baby section, for $3.29 for one litre and $6.99 for 6 x 250 ml.

You can receive a free coupon to try Baboo with your toddler right now by joining Natrel Baboo on Facebook

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