Tips to survive Boxing Day!

Christmas comes and goes... which means Boxing Day sales are finally back! Here is a handy guide to help you plan your Boxing Day shopping so you don’t go (too) overboard!

Make a list

It’s so easy to be tempted by the amazing deals on Boxing Day, but be careful not to break the bank by buying things you don’t really need. The best way to resist temptation is to be well prepared with a list of items you really need. Don’t forget to allocate a portion of the budget to irresistible deals to reward yourself!


To help make your list, get inspiration from your favorite stores’ flyers. Companies often announce the Boxing Day sales in advance, so you can know which deal is really worth it and when the prices are at their cheapest. You’ll even notice that more and more stores are now starting their sales before Boxing Day, so you’ll be up to date with all the sales you don’t want to miss.

If you want to see a list of several popular stores flyers, you can visit the Flyers of Canadian stores page.

Stick to your budget

Sales may seem irresistible, but it’s important to buy only the items that are on the list you made according to your budget. After all, let’s remember that this is all material stuff anyway and that going overboard will do nothing to help our sanity or stress level in the long term!

Dress light!

It’s often complete madness in stores. It’s crowded, it’s hot and you have a difficult time finding your way through the aisles. Make sure to dress comfortably, wear a coat you can easily take off and wear appropriate shoes. You could even bring a backpack to keep your coats in so your arms are free for all the shopping.


According to Option consommateurs, Boxing Day is not necessarily synonymous with bargains, contrary to what marketing tactics are trying to make us believe by encouraging us to spend excessively. The best way to know if you are really saving? Educate yourself about the regular price of items you want to buy beforehand to verify if the purchase really is a bargain.

Shop online

You don’t feel like having to deal with all the madness yet you can’t resist the great deals? More and more merchants now offer the same deals online so you can shop from the comfort of your home!

Don’t force yourself

Boxing Day is not really limited to December 26 anymore and sales generally continue for a week, some even stretch until the end of January! Take your time and let others brave the crowds. You’ll enjoy the same deals in a more relaxed atmosphere!


Don’t forget to note the policy on exchanges and returns that apply to your purchases on Boxing Day as retailers often try to get rid of merchandise and won’t accept returns or exchanges on these items.

Image de Mariem Melainine

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