Essential baby gear

Hygiene, care and breastfeeding

The bath, no matter what we may think, is not essential, according to Mrs. Thibault. We can easily bathe our baby with us in the big bath.

For breastfeeding moms, the nursing pillow is not superfluous. Make sure that you can tie it to your waist, that it is well padded and both rigid and comfortable.

If you plan on returning to work while you are still breastfeeding and you will use a breast pump, there is a holding strap that you can place on your breasts and attach to the pump while your hands are doing something else… using a computer for example.

To breastfeed in public places, the nursing tops - sweaters or t-shirts with a zipper and a flap – are very useful.

For your baby’s daily care, it is recommended to get a nail clipper, small mittens (so your little angel doesn’t scratch his face), a dropper for liquid medicines and a nasal aspirator. The model that parents use to suck out the mucus is much more effective that the bulb, says Mrs. Thibault.


Pyjamas, pyjamas and more pyjamas! When the diapers overflow, it is very unpleasant to be faced with an empty drawer. “Choose pyjamas that button down the legs”, says Mrs. Thibault.

Bodysuits are essential for the summer (avoid those that are removed by passing over your baby’s head), snowsuits are essential for winter and bibs are essential all the time.

Finally, the blanket used to swaddle baby will be very useful in the winter; you can find models equipped with a zipper, making it possible to build a little cocoon that will keep baby warm.

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Image de Josée Descôteaux

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