Benchmark The 52 Parenting Tips – the results has recruited five parents to test a set of 52 parenting challenge to take up with children aged 2 to 10.

The persons that took part in this benchmark received a code to access to 52 parenting challenge to take up with children aged 2 to 10. They had four weeks to take up four challenges out of the 52 and to share their comments and appreciation.

The 52 Parenting Tips

Like many parents and adults who play an educational role for children aged two to ten years old, you often find yourself stuck in a busy schedule where time is somewhat hard to find.

In this context, the education of children is a challenge and despite all your good will and the love that you hold for your children, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. The 52 Parenting Tips can support you in raising them. Designed to improve your strategies and develop effective educational skills, The 52 Parenting Tips will help you become a better coach for your child or for children with whom you work.

Already used by thousands of parents and recommended by many professionals in the fields of psychology, social work, childcare and education, it is now your turn to take up the challenge!

  • A useful parenting tool in 52 E-cards each presenting a parenting challenge to take up using concrete actions and thought-provoking exercises.
  • A simple and affordable way to get expert advice on having a positive influence on your child.
  • More convenient than a book for everyday use, making it easy to try out and adopt new parenting skills.
These fun E-cards make it easy to experiment and adopt parenting skills:
  • A positive sentence for each challenge;
  • A short text to understand the instructions, use and effects of each challenge;
  • Five developmental themes: relations, independence, emotions, creativity and discipline.
  • All this to be experimented using one e-card for each week throughout the year.

Note: The 52 Parenting Tips were designed with as many parents as possible in mind. They apply to themes related to the general development of children between 2 and 10 years old at various levels. If your child is facing a specific educational challenge because of attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder, opposition, mental retardation, etc., The 52 Parenting Tips are not the best tools for you.

The comments

I’ve tried 52 Tips Parenting for a few weeks now. This tool is very useful, but I had difficulty developing the reflex to go visit the tools everyday. Having heard that the French version was a set of printed cards, I think that having them physically would be more adapted to my lifestyle. I would like to put one on the family fridge everyday, and that way, daddy could also participate! However, the tips were great and the categories truly correspond to the difficulties that any family may live. I really enjoyed discovering this tool that is adapted to the reality of being a parent and the struggles we can encounter along the way. It is also adaptable to every situation. Great product!
R. Lavigne, Rosemère

Being a tablet and mobile addict, this tool is perfect for my family. After setting up reminders around suppertime, and always having my tablet not too far away, it was a great way to make sure a tip was considered and applied every day. Some days, the tips were less pertinent to the situation, but I was only a click away from the correct category and then finding a suggestion that applied to the particular problem. If I were to suggest anything to optimize this tool, I would add activities to this program. Maybe one activity or craft a day could be a good complimentary to the one tip per week. Thank you for this find!
Tartaglia, Laval

These tips are just what I needed! Having some particular difficulties with my six-year-old daughter, I must admit that I used only the « Managing Feelings » of this program. However, I didn’t use this program as one tip per week, but mostly a guide to consult when having a precise situation to deal with. I would browse it a few times during the week and when something occurred, I would remember reading a tip on this site. I think this site is great because it gives us a clear perspective on a problem that we might be living and that mostly, it’s normal! These tips really helped accepting my flaws as a parent and acknowledge that I’m probably not alone feeling this way. I will definitely recommend this site to my friends who have kids.
D. Deguire, Boisbriand

After trying the 52 Parenting Tips for 4 weeks, I don’t think this program is made for me. The tips are great and useful, but I just don’t have the time to discipline myself enough to do one once a week. I must admit that I printed out a few tips that really inspired me and stuck them on my family planner board as a reminder. Overall, this product was not for me, but I can definitely see some of my friends using this!
C. Lapalice, Pointe-Claire

The 52 Parenting Tips is a great site! I like how some tips are based on activities to do as a family as some others are general attitude tips and how to reflect on things. I like that it doesn’t feel like homework, but rather a way to simplify your life and make yourself a better person. But, since it’s already online, I would like to be able to track the results of certain challenges and then be able to try them again and see if the results varied. I think that would be an interesting feature to add to this site. Really enjoyed trying out these tips!
D. Paiement, Terrebonne

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