10 mom tips to stay zen during back-to-school

What's better than moms helping moms to overcome the challenges of everyday life! That's why we asked the great moms in our community to share their best advice for us to stay calm as we get back into the groove of school!

Hell, forget the specials! I shop at one or two places to buy everything on my list. I save SO MUCH time! - Sylvianne

Taking a week off in September makes all the difference for a less stressful routine. It allows me to be more present for my children and to be more relaxed and not transmit my stress. - Marie-Eve

At home, we make a playful family calendar in which everyone participates by including important events, sports practices or homework dates for example. It empowers my children and it helps me remember everything. - Manon

I dreaded the burden of tagging personal items and books until the idea came to me to order fun stickers personalized with their names online and to put children to work. It goes much faster and we have fun! - Tina

I get up before the children to have a little moment of calmness and to prepare the table, the clothes; it is magic! This way, I feel less rushed when the kids get up and I actually have the time to sit down with them for breakfast. - Myriam

I use a catering service during the month of September. It takes a heavy weight off my shoulders. It gives us more time for homework because I do not spend my evening in the kitchen. During these few weeks of rest, I take the opportunity to cook at my own pace a supply of dishes that go directly into the freezer rather than on the table. It gives me a head start for when the catering service ends. - Cindy

I freeze plenty of sandwiches. Yes, yes, it's done! It takes a lot of stress off in the mornings when I run out of ideas for lunch. For tips on how to make good frozen sandwiches, visit - Caroline

I do as much as possible the night before. While Cheri puts the children to bed, I start the lunches, I even go ahead for breakfast, I take the children's outfits from their closets. This is my quiet moment and it makes me feel better knowing that I'm getting ahead for the next morning. - Sonia

Delegate! We can not do everything and it is normal to ask for help. Sometimes we are surprised to realize how much children like to help us with certain tasks. At home, they are the ones who fill the dishwasher after dinner, prepare the snacks for their lunch box and put their clean socks one inside the other before storing them in their drawer. - Nadine

For me, it's the slow cooker that changed my life. As soon as the school year arrives, she starts up again! It saves me a lot of time coming home at night and not stressing all day wondering what we're going to eat for supper. I prepare the contents the day before, I place in the fridge all night and I plug in the morning before going to work. - Christine

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