Lunch box recipes : A back-to-school guide

Ah yes, summer is coming to an end (despite the tropical temperature still persisting!), which means that the famous lunch boxes are back... I know, I know, contain your excitement!

While this is certainly not a happy prospect, we've thought of making life a little simpler by putting together a little survival guide with tips on choosing your lunch bags and accessories, as well as some ideas for recipes to avoid breaking your head

Lunch bags

When it comes to choosing a lunch box, you first have to think about the size of it. Indeed, it must be able to contain enough food to satiate your hungry rascal without becoming too bulky to carry. And, since it is advisable not to place it in your child's backpack, just to not add more weight on their shoulders, a model with handles or an adjustable shoulder strap is preferred.

As for the fabric, opt for something that is well insulated and, above all, easy to clean. You will certainly not want to fight every night with pieces of food stuck in inaccessible corners or impossible-to-remove juice stains! Finally, let yourself be tempted by a fun print that represents your child; after all, they will have to drag this bag every day!

The accessories

Since plastic bags can quickly multiply (one for the sandwich, one for the snack, etc.) and that we all want to avoid wasting, it is better to turn to more sensible alternatives, for example sandwich boxes and containers for reusable dips and snacks.

Also pick containers with several compartments, which can store various foods without losing space in the lunch box. Retractable and nestable utensils are also practical to save space!


The simplest solution remains the famous leftover from the day before, but it's a safe bet that this is not your child's preferred option!

Here are some ideas to offer a little variety:
  • "Composed plates" filled with various foods. The principle is simple: take a dish with several compartments and fill each with different foods, for example cubes of cheese, boiled eggs, rolls of cold cuts, crackers, vegetables, dips, fruits, etc. The colorful and varied result will certainly please your little monsters adored!
  • Rolled sandwiches! You do not have to worry about it, just a little chicken salad, ham, eggs or tuna and a fresh tortilla for immediately more festive sandwiches!
  • Savory muffins: ham and cheese, herbs, potatoes and salami, let your imagination go!

On this note, good luck and have a great school year!

Image de Vanessa Maisonneuve-Rocheleau

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