Am I pregnant?

Here is a list of subtle and early signs of pregnancy. They are subtle in some women and early in others. Let’s see.

  • The first, but not the least is a late or missed period, especially if you usually have a very regular cycle. However, if your cycle is irregular or if you are going through a period of stress or of intense fatigue, don’t solely rely on this symptom.
  • Your breasts can become very sensitive to the touch. This symptom can also be accompanied by heaviness and swelling. Some women even get a tingly sensation.
  • You can feel overly tired and you may feel heaviness in your legs, not only in the evening but also at any time during the day.
  • You may notice that your vaginal discharge increases and become thicker and darker (yellowy).
  • You deal with retching and nausea in the morning and during the day.
  • You need to urinate much more often.
  • You crave snacks and unusual foods.
  • You are disgusted by very precise foods.
  • You are very sensitive and you have big emotional reactions caused by the hormonal changes that are taking place in your body. 

All those symptoms are a reaction of your body to all the changes that he is facing. Getting ready for the pregnancy and rising hormones require an adjustment from the beginning. And don’t worry! These little troubles will not follow you for nine months. In most cases they will slowly fade away around the 12th or 14th week of pregnancy.

If you notice many symptoms, confirm your pregnancy with a test. You can buy one in a pharmacy or ask for a urine or blood test. With the pharmacy test, the result is instantaneous. The laboratory blood and urine tests take a day or two. The laboratory tests are very reliable because they detect a pregnancy hormone 15 days after conception.

Now what?

You took a pregnancy test and much to your delight, it is positive. Congratulations! You are pregnant and in less than 40 weeks you will be a mom. A whole lot of stressful questions are already popping up? Take some time to enjoy the happy news and remember that is there to support you in this wonderful adventure.

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