10 ways to announce your pregnancy

Baby clothes

Darling? Could you put the washing in the dryer please? I forgot…” To announce the good news to the daddy, buy a few baby pyjamas and wash them behind his back… You can also put them on the washing line to dry…


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach so can you imagine how happy he will be to have a snack as he dreams about his future child? Sug’Art makes beautiful cookies that can be used for your big announcement or for a baby shower.

Leave the test on a table

You can take a picture of your test and send it by email to the whole family or leave it on the coffee table for your husband. You can also leave it on his favorite chair if you think it will take him too long to see it otherwise!

Classified ads

Lessee residing at 9, Baker Street seeks shelter. Reason: will be expelled soon by his nauseous and moody landlord”. Place an ad in a local newspaper or on Craigslist and ask your boyfriend if he would mind taking care of that little child looking for a loving home.

Baby car seat

Buy a car seat and install it in the future dad’s car. You can even put a teddy bear in it! That way, he will be surprised and ready to carry the baby after birth.


Bring plastic Easter eggs to a family reunion and hide everyone’s role in it. For example, you can write “you will be a cousin on December 12” or “you will become a grand-ma in 7 months!”


If you managed to wait three months before announcing your pregnancy, you might as well wait until your first ultrasound and make an e-card with your baby’s first picture. When you do, keep your phone close at hand as it will ring in no time…

The gift bag

Whether to announce your pregnancy to your other children or your first pregnancy to your parents, prepare a little gift bag filled with baby accessories. Rattles, stuffed animals, socks and pacifiers will help you share your feeling of tenderness and joy.

A drawing

If you have another child, ask him to draw your family by adding a child or to draw the baby in your belly. You can give the drawing to the future grandparents, even if your child will probably tell them everything before you get the chance.

Over the phone

Oh well, if you are overjoyed, jumping around, dancing and singing… why don’t you just give them a call? After all, who wouldn’t be happy to share your excitement of the moment? It is a rare moment of happiness and you are glowing… Don’t feel bad to share it any way you want!

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