14 unmistakable pregnancy signs

Do you think you might be pregnant but you’re not 100% sure? If you relate to these 14 signs, you should definitely head to your local pharmacy to buy that pregnancy test you’ve been thinking about!

Late period

The first obvious sign of pregnancy is your period being late. You may not always be regular with your periods and they can sometimes be delayed due to hormonal changes or strong emotions, however when your period is really late, it’s time to buy a pregnancy test.

Sore breasts

Do you remember your teenage years and going through puberty? Have you experienced sensitive breasts that feel tight and seemingly want to grow? Have you ever feared putting on a bra because it would be too painful and you wanted to avoid touching your sore breasts at all costs? At the beginning of pregnancy, your breasts react similarly! Many women who have already been pregnant recognize sore breasts as a sign that they are pregnant once again.

Feeling nauseous

Is this gastro or food poisoning? What did I eat that is making me feel so nauseous? If, after a few days, your nausea hasn’t subsided, and seems to be getting worse as time passes, there is a high chance that a pregnancy is disrupting your digestive system!

Disgusted by meat

The sole idea of eating a steak or a slice of ham is enough to make you gag, or, quite the opposite: you are suddenly craving a specific food. A significant change is your tastes and cravings is often a sign of pregnancy.

Tugging in the lower abdomen

If you feel your stomach tightening, pulling, stretching, inflating, or if you feel as though you just worked out for 12 hours straight and have a newfound set of abs, this could be a sign that your uterus is preparing itself for pregnancy. 

Frequent nosebleeds

Progesterone and estrogen can cause nosebleeds by dilating blood vessels and by putting pressure on the very small canals that irrigate your nose. In general, nosebleeds happen frequently during the second trimester, but some women can experience nose bleeds as part of their first symptoms of pregnancy.

Very developed sense of smell

If you have been noticing certain culinary details that you have never had the expertise to notice before, if you can smell the garbage truck that just turned the corner of your street a few meters away or if you have started recognizing people because of their smell, it’s probably the estrogen that comes hand in hand with pregnancy that has given you this heightened sense and is making you feel like you have a superpower!

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