Everything about the caesarean section

A personal choice?

It seems ages ago when the caesarean section was practiced as a very last resort, when doctors thought that giving birth naturally was impossible or dangerous. Today, many women demand caesarean sections for non-medical reasons.

The pregnant stars add to this trend. Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girl, for example, was known to be “too Posh to push” as she planned caesarean sections for both her son and daughter…

In fact, without a legitimate medical reason, doctors usually recommend avoiding caesarean sections since it can lead to many side effects.

Complications and risks associated with C-sections

Most C-sections go well and do not cause complications. However, as with any major surgery it involves some risks for the mother and the child.

For baby
  • Injuries inflicted by a surgical instrument;
  • Respiratory problems, faster breathing for a few days after birth, and asthma or allergies.
For the mother
  • Injuries to organs located near the uterus, such as the bladder;
  • Infection f the wound where the incision was made;
  • Increased bleeding;
  • Urinary tract infection;
  • Decrease in stool (as after any abdominal surgery);
  • Nursing problems;
  • Long term: persistent pain at the site of the scar and during sexual intercourse and fertility issues;
  • As the caesarean often delays the first contact with the baby, it can delay or interfere with the bonding experience;
Benefits of vaginal delivery vs. caesarean
  • Less blood loss;
  • Reduced risk of injury;
  • No complications associated with surgery;
  • Shorter hospital stay;
  • Faster recovery;
  • Less pain.

Source: SOGC

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