The importance of iron during pregnancy

Seaweed and other (100 mg or 1 cup)

Seaweed is an EXCELLENT source of iron. You can add some to your recipes or replace your table salt by Algosel. Also, seaweed nourishes the thyroid gland but be careful, you should not eat seaweed if you are taking thyroid medication.


100 mg


13 mg


12 mg


5 mg


29 mg

Nori (sushi)

12 mg


6,3 mg


14 mg

To ensure your daily intake...
  • Eat an ingredient very rich in iron once a week (more than 7 mg)
  • In every meal, eat a vegetable or a fruit rich in vitamin C, essential to absorb iron (orange, tomato, lemon)
  • Always keep a little bag of dried fruits, nuts and seeds for snacking
  • Replace sugar by molasses in recipes (at least half and half)
  • Use prune juice often in juice mixes (half prune juice + half orange or apple juice) 
  • Sprinkle wheat germ on desserts
  • Sprinkle parsley on meat and vegetables
  • Avoid tea. It reduces the amount of iron absorbed. Replace it with raspberry tea. 

If you want to take a supplement, make sure that this supplement is made of “iron citrate”. It is much easier to assimilate.

Karine Bergeron

Karine Bergeron is a doula who studied nursing and is currently completing additional training in prenatal care. As mother to little Laurence, volunteer for L’entraide maternelle, breastfeeding godmother and prenatal class teacher, it’s with joy that she dispenses her wisdom for Bergeron is passionate about prenatal care and ready to share all her knowledge to help you enjoy life’s greatest gift: becoming parents. To find out more or ask questions, go to and look for her in the “Équipe” section.

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