Staying healthy when the kids are sick


Quick, fresh air! Ventilate your home when your sick children are not there to fight against dry air. Viruses love the warmth of homes and offices,  where people are confined. Ventilate every room daily for at least 15 minutes, even in extreme cold.

  • Moisten the air. Use a humidifier or place bowls of water near radiators.
  • Lower the temperature during the night. Overheating rooms dries and weakens the mucous membranes. No more than 19 ° C: see to it!
  • If you’re a smoker, reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke. You won’t block your airways as much.
  • Diffuse some eucalyptus oil around the house, which is very effective against colds. As soon as doubtful symptoms appear, make a steam inhalation with eucalyptus to clear your airways and prevent viruses from multiplying.

Is your child’s health record up-to-date? Check it right now. Vaccination prevents the risk of diseases that can keep an entire family in bed for days!


Take care of yourself! You’ve blown three little noses, comforted the youngest in the middle of the night, stroked the eldest’s back and read a dozen stories to the twins? It’s now time to take an hour or two just for you before completely running out of energy. Get rid of stress, breath in and get back in the game with newfound energy! Practice your favourite sports and be active. Being fit won’t immunize you, but it will certainly help you manage everything coming your way.


The organic compound Resistea Organic from La clef des champs.

Energizing, tonic and « punchy », this infusion increases your resistance in periods of stress, fatigue or intense work. Thanks to the plants it contains, it helps protect against infectious diseases. Drink when the first symptoms of a cold, gastro or other infection appear in your household to get more energy. Its efficiency is impressive!

Take 1 to 3 cups of infusion, once or twice a day.

Image de Nadine Descheneaux

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