Bad breath

Morning breath

The morning breath is a reality for most people. If the smell does not persist throughout the day, there’s nothing to worry about, but it’s not a very nice thing to wake up to! In general, taking a sip of water or juice will activate the salivary glands and eliminate the morning breath. If you wear dentures, you should always remove them at night. Your gums need to breathe, and if you wear them while sleeping, the formation of bacteria is increased. Brush and disinfect dentures regularly. To reduce your morning breath, don’t neglect brushing before bedtime: it’s essential to remove bacteria and particles of food that cause odours.

Don’t be embarrassed about your breath now that you know how to manage it properly!

Julie Mainella
Dental Assistant

Julie Mainella is passionate about all aspects of dentistry. Mom of two adorable girls, she made them understand the importance of dental health at an early age. She has worked with children in a dental practice and has a wealth of tips and tricks to make children like brushing their teeth and enjoy their visits to the dentist!

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