Nutritional essentials for flu season

Cold or flu?

As the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) explains, the flu is highly contagious. They go on to say that flu can spread quickly and easily—and that we pass the flu on to others even before we feel the symptoms ourselves1 People often confuse a cold with the flu. The Healthy Canadians website will help you tell the two apart. One final thing to remember is that a cold, while generally not a nice thing to have, has complications that are much less severe than those associated with a case of the flu.

Preventing flu

The PHAC2 also reports that there are lots of ways to prevent flu: getting your flu vaccine, washing your hands often, coughing and sneezing into your arm (not your hand), washing and disinfecting objects and surfaces that many people come into contact with, getting enough rest and sleep, engaging in moderate physical activity and eating well to ensure your immune system is strong.

Your immune system

According to a recent study3, nearly 80% of Quebecers report that they make changes to their living habits to help their immune system during the cold and flu season. However, only 18% of them modify their diet to include nutrients that help their immune system4.

However, for people who eat a balanced diet, their immune system is certainly more likely to be effective because a healthy diet will ensure your nutritional needs are fulfilled. Taking a multivitamin is also an excellent habit to get into to support your immune function.


A number of nutrients5 play a role in immune response. These include vitamin A, vitamin C, and zinc. Here are some examples of foods you can add to your menu to get these nutrients.

Vitamin A: liver, fish, eggs, carrots, mangoes, sweet potatoes, etc.

Vitamin C: bell peppers, oranges, cantaloupe, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, etc.

Zinc: raw Atlantic farmed oysters, beef, sesame seeds, legumes, etc.

Adopting a routine and certain daily habits can help support your immune system. It’s just a matter of making a few changes at a time, starting today.

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