Spending the night away with a child, it can be done!

You avoid going away for the weekend under the pretense that fancy hotels don't really cater to children's need? There's no more excuses! Some very nice places are family friendly!

A lot of these places offer spa treatments, and one even offers in-room massages while baby is sleeping!

Here are some of the places you might enjoy! Do you know any other ones? Tell us about them and give us the details so we can add them to the list! The important thing is that parents can enjoy themselves while having the kids!


Delta Centre-ville, Montreal, 1-877-814-7706

  • The pool can be accessed from the elevator (you can leave your room wearing only a bathrobe).
  • Recreation room with closed glass doors (pretty heavy for kids).
  • Childcare service for $12/h.
  • Small pets accepted.
  • This hotel is adjacent to underground tunnels, meaning you can shop with your child and not worry about bad weather.
  • Very enjoyable "urban" stay.

Château Vaudreuil Suites Hôtel, 1-800-363-7896

  • Very nice hotel located on l'Île-aux-Tourtes, near Lake of Two Mountains.
  • In-room or pool-side massages, exercise room, whirlpool bath and steam room.
  • There are no playrooms or children-specific activities, but the intdoor pool is very nice.
  • There is a child care service that you must request at the time of the reservation.

Hostellerie Les Trois Tilleuls, 1-800-263-2230

  • Located in St-Marc-sur-Richelieu, near the Richelieu river.
  • Member of Relais et Châteaux, the Spa Givenchy is renown for its quality care services.
  • The hotel doesn't have specific facilities for children, but a childcare service is available upon request when making your reservation.
  • Room service.

Hôtel des Seigneurs Saint-Hyacinthe, 1-866-734-4638

  • Childcare services on demand.
  • Indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Activities and playground for kids during major holiday periods (summer, school break, Christmas).
  • Inflatable games from mid-July to mid-August.

Auberge de la Montagne Coupée, St-Jean-de-Matha 1-800-363-8614

  • Very nice inn atop the mountain.
  • Indoor pool.
  • Childcare services on demand.
  • Small play room for kids.
  • Room service.

Auberge du Lac Taureau, St-Michel-des-Saints 1-877-822-2623

  • Renown inn.
  • All 100 rooms have just been renovated.
  • Indoor pool, hot tub and saunas.
  • Childcare services on demand.
  • Activities for kids during school holidays.
  • No room service.

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