Valentine's Day: what's all the fuss about?

For many, February is a special month because it’s the shortest one... for others, February is special for only one reason: dare I say it, Valentine's Day! 

Some anticipate it, while others may fear it. Proven enemy of many singles (and most men),  however... it's much appreciated by most... women.

In my humble opinion, February 14th should be renamed International Day of Useless Pressure. Useless pressure to be more attentive, more romantic, more seductive, more in love. Those with a special someone have the pressure to find THE perfect gift. And not only does this gift have to be perfect, but it must also be unique, original and meaningful. Not always an easy task!

For the singles who dream of being coupled up, it’s the useless pressure of finding a date at all costs. In their eyes, it would be unacceptable to spend Valentine’s Day with friends, or worse… ignore its existence altogether!

Finally, there are the people who really couldn’t care less about it! For singles, it’s not too bad. No one will bother them and they’ll spend the day like the other 364 of the year. But for couples who don’t care about V Day, it’s another story. Other couples judge them, intimidate them, even accuse them of being cheap. These days, it’s simply not OK for two people who love each other to ignore Valentine’s Day. They’re forced to pretend. Pretend that they’re more in love than the day before, pretend that all their problems have disappeared, pretend that they have money to waste on insignificant gifts and flowers that cost twice as much as they usually do. They have to pretend to love Valentine’s Day, basically!

Some complain that Valentine's Day is a purely commercial invention with one and only goal: make us spend more. Maybe, but so what? Aren’t all holidays like that? Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and all these "important dates" all have the same result: they make us spend more. That’s life, and I doubt it will ever change! So let’s just stop complaining and act as we please. May those who want to buy chocolate buy some, and may those who want to do nothing, do nothing. Simple, isn't it?

I personally find this « celebration of love » okay in itself, but I don’t get why people put so much pressure on themselves to make it a memorable day. Wouldn’t it be a thousand times more surprising (and appreciated) for our loved one to receive flowers on January 22nd, just because we felt like it? Because we love him/her and we wanted to tell him/her at that specific moment? Wouldn’t it be more romantic to be invited to a good restaurant on March 11th? The problem with February 14th is that everyone expects to be spoiled. Everyone expects to be surprised, which, by definition, is a bit paradoxical. The purpose of a surprise is precisely that: to surprise! Not to meet an expectation.

Whether we like it or not, talk about it or not, Valentine's Day is here to stay. And with these great words of wisdom, I just want to wish all little romantics out there a Happy Valentine’s Day. And to everyone else, I simply wish you a Happy February, that is not as cold as January!

Image de Stéphanie Auclair

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