Magical children’s birthday party packages


If your child is a big fan of bowling, most bowling alleys have great children’s birthday packages that let your child and his friends enjoy a game of bowling before starting the festivities.

  • Roussillon bowling alley (St-Constant): 3 packages are available (1, 2 or 3 games of bowling) and all include shoes, a hot dog, chips and juice for all the children 12 and under. $ 8,75 per child for 1 game, $ 10 per child for 2 games and $ 11,25 for 3 games. Adults who want to play can do so for $ 3 and an additional $ 1,75 for shoe rental.
  • Bowling G Plus (Several locations in Montreal, Repentigny and Mascouche): They offer a birthday package that includes 1 hour of bowling, shoes, a private party room with a meal and refreshments, party hats, flutes, balloons, invitation cards and a small birthday gift for your child. $ 12,95 per person.
  • Bowling Vezina (Rimouski): This bowling alley offers you a turnkey service that allows you to plan the party you envision with no hassle and at an affordable price. All packages include supervision and assistance to entertain the little ones, the « moonlight » ambiance if requested, animation, catering (must reserve in advance at an additional fee), equipment rental, a changing table for the babies, Wii games for the kids and more. Prices vary depending on the options you choose and the number of guests.

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