6 activities to encourage your children to play outside during winter!

When it is cold, we tend to want to stay inside!  As parents, when winter comes around, we’d rather wait for the sun and the milder weather to come back then venture out with the kids. With some tricks and imagination, we can help children enjoy playing outdoors in all weather conditions.

We must, of course, be dressed comfortably for the different winter conditions. To enjoy the pleasures of winter, clothing is an asset. We recommend using several layers of clothing, good boots, without neglecting to keep the head warm!

Healthy living habits must continue throughout the year and at all ages. Playing outdoors in the snow is a great way to encourage our children to exercise and move regardless of the weather. Their creativity will surprise you!

Remember the recommendations to exercise 30 minutes a day for adults and 60 minutes a day for children. When children don’t move much, they can’t burn energy, which also tends to affect their sleep!  Also, during winter, the hours of sunshine are shorter, which affects the morale of the whole family!  The solution is to go out and store plenty of vitamin D and have fun together.

In winter, outdoor activities are more interesting; there is snow; it is slippery; it is cold, and we are wrapped up from head to toe. Just by walking in a foot of snow, climbing or descending a hill, pulling a sled, etc., children face many challenges that help them develop in different ways. They develop muscles, motricity, coordination and balance.

Here are six activities to inspire you to go play outside!

1) Tic-Tac-Snow

A classic, of course, but why not! Using small branches and pine cones!

2) Treasure hunt in the snow

You must make ice cubes and colour them!  Then hide the ice cubes outside!  Have a great treasure hunt.

3) Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is an inexpensive activity that is easy for children to learn. You can practice this activity in the mountains or simply in the woods!  This allows you to enjoy nature, silence and the fresh air while exercising. I suggest you start with an easy trail that is short enough to allow your children to get used to their snowshoes and sharpen their patience!

4) Soccer on snow

Children will have great fun playing a summer sport in winter!