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Getting ready for Christmas!

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Manage the stress of the Holidays

The whirlwind of the Holidays is in full swing and you don’t know where to start? Relax, breathe, and read our article to help you deal with it all so you can enjoy Christmas!

A Green Christmas

The Holidays are often synonymous with excesses of all kinds. But can we actually reduce our impact on the environment at Christmas? Here are some tips to help you out... keep these in mind for the next holiday season!

Christmas cards

In a world being taken over by electronics, are traditional holiday cards sent by mail still cool? Here is an overview of this lasting tradition...

Creating a Christmas atmosphere

This year’s Christmas magic fills your heart with childish joy but the sounds, the images and the smells make it even more substantial. Here are some suggestions to transform your home into a real Christmas wonderland…

The best places to meet Santa Claus

Children can’t take it anymore: there are way too many nights before December 25th! So, maybe you should take them to see that good old bearded fellow before the big day?

Best Christmas planning tips

Do you feel like you’re running around like a crazy woman and still can’t get to Christmas in time, like everyone else? Professional organizer Caroline Rochon shares her best tips to plan Christmas!

Surviving the Holidays!

As much as some people look forward to the holiday season, others associate it with exhaustion. How can we all survive the holidays?

Fun and Safe Holiday Season

The Christmas tree, lights, toys, and gifts need ongoing attention to avoid incidents that could ruin our holidays.