Winter accessories

Striped hat and mittens

Stripes lovers will love this kit that will add extra cuteness to a plain snowsuit. Available for boys and for girls!

Striped kit, 0-12 months, Gap, $26.95

Neck warmer

Experts in early childhood prefer neck warmers. They are warm, stay in place, require no manipulation and never touch the ground. Available in many colours, these neck warmers are 100% cotton for extra comfort on your child’s soft little chin!

Neck warmers, 0-5 years old, Clément, $8.99

Hat, mittens and scarf for less than $15

This cool hat will surely make your daughter want to wear something on her head for once! And with the matching gloves and scarf for less than $15, it is a must!

Hat, scarf and mittens, L’Aubainerie, $5.97, $4.97 and $3.97

Chlorophylle’s warmth

If you fear for your cold little snowman, Chlorophylle offers this hat made of wool and acrylic, fleece lined and made in Canada! Also, you can fasten it so it stays on your child’s head even during the most adventurous snow sliding!

Jacquard, Chlorophylle, $34.99

Hat and scarf

Let’s not forget about the boys who will love this scarf and hat kit that reminds us of our own childhood!

Hat and scarf, L’Aubainerie, $7.97

Chouette tuque!

This beautiful hat is as cute as it is warm and will keep your daughter’s head warm all winter! It is available in three colors that will match all snowsuits!

Chouette tuque girl, Chlorophylle, $39.99

These mittens are stronger than winter!

If you want your child to play outside for hours and still feel his fingertips when he comes back, these mittens made of leather and fleece are perfect! They are a bit more expensive but they are definitely worth it and will last longer. Available in white and grey.

Kids mittens, Chlorophylle, $39.99

Be my teddy bear

Because we love when strangers smile when they walk passed our child, here is an easy way to make your beautiful child even cuter: a bear costume! With his ears and paws, your little teddy bear will be the cutest thing on Earth!

Hat and mittens, Gap, $19.95 and $14.95

Magic gloves

We never get over magic gloves! Those with school-age children know that the “lost items” box is full and because your children will not look in it very long, make sure to always have a pair of dry mittens nearby. At this price, buy a few that will also be worm under other mittens during very cold days.

Mini magic gloves, Clément, $1.99

Favorite Sherpa hat

Nothing is better than a teddy bear’s head to keep your cute little baby warm all winter! This Sherpa hat is available in two colors, white and grey.

Favorite Sherpa hat, 0-12 months, Gap, $22.95

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