Jeans for kids

It is the most useful piece of your child’s wardrobe but sometimes you can’t seem to find the right fit. Here are some tips for jeans shopping…

Skinny, wide, semi-flared or straight cut; there are as many models for kids as there are for adults. So what should we choose if we want our child to comfortably wear his jeans for a long time?

Buying jeans for babies from 0 to 2 years old 

To buy baby jeans, you must look at two things:

  • The closure
  • The width of the thigh

In front of the shelves, keep in mind that comfort and ease of donning prevail. In general, for very small babies, you should choose jeans that are easy to put on and that require as little manipulation as possible. For 18 to 24 months old, take potty training into account and choose pants that your child will be able to pull up and down.

Buying jeans for children aged 3 to 10 years old

Until your child is self-sufficient enough to put his pants on and off alone, jeggings or jeans with a jersey waist remain the best option. After that, his personal tastes and his morphology will guide your purchases.

For both boys and girls, you will find the same cuts as for adults: flared, semi-flared, full, skinny, slim, straight cut, etc.

Your child is tall and thin? Choose slim or skinny cuts. If, on the contrary, your child has curves and a little belly, full and flared cuts will fit him better.

5 categories of jeans on the market

Traditional waist, no elastic, with a button and a zipper pull
Zipper and button at the front, the traditional cut without elastic or waist adjustment should be avoided for babies. Those jeans may be hard to put on and the static waist gets in the way of his movements. For 3 to 10 years old, choose an elastic waist or an adjustable waist that will fit longer, especially of your child is growing fast.

Elastic waist with zipper and button
This traditional model with zipper and button offers more comfort with its elastic waist (usually at the back). Like the previous model, the elastic waist remains hard to put on, especially for little babies.

At first glance, it can seem like a good buy for a small price but as soon as your child grows in size, you will have to put them aside because they will be too tight on your baby’s belly.

Easy to find in stores, this model probably won’t be worn as long as the adjustable waist.

Adjustable waist using elastics and buttons
A better investment than the last two, this kind of traditional jeans has a system of waist adjustment inside, made of elastics and two buttons. When you buy it, test the system to see the smallest and the biggest fit. That way, you will know how long the jeans will fit. Roll up the legs to gain a few more months.

The adjustable waist is a « must » when you buy traditional jeans with button and zipper closure. It is worth spending the extra bucks for a comfortable pair that your child will wear for a long time. Zara kids and Old Navy offer a nice selection of adjustable models.

The jersey jeans
Easy to put on, this model will be very appreciated when comes the time to potty train your child. Without button or zipper, the jersey waist will remain in place and offer the comfort of an elastic waist. This model is made for boys and for girls but is still hard to find for 3 to 10 years old. The model seen in the picture can be bought here. Zara kids also offers a small selection.

We love the JEGGINGS for girls!
Half-jeans, half-leggings, the “jeggings” offer the best of both worlds. It combines the jeans look with the comfort of the leggings. Usually made of a type of cotton more supple and elastic than denim, the jegging, also called “jean leggings”, nicely fits the silhouette, offers unparalleled comfort and is easy to put on. Being a good alternative to the skinny jeans for rounder 3-10 years old girls, the jegging is slightly tight but its elasticity will not give a “muffin” look. A few models are sold by Gap and Zara Kids.

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