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Helpful tips for happier mornings

You don’t have to run and rush everyone in the morning! With a little bit of planning, you could have happier and stress-free mornings.

Identify annoyances

Write down every step of your usual routine to find the annoyances that make your mornings difficult. The next morning, set a timer for each action noted. Could anything be skipped? Could you do two things at once? Take a closer look at what the other members of your family do as if you were a business manager and organize a meeting to gather everyone’s ideas.

Create habits

Creating habits and sticking to them will turn your mornings into a routine and it will keep everyone from stepping on each other’s toes and wasting precious time. Who wakes up first, who takes a shower, who uses the hairdryer and in what order? This routine may take a while to implement and to improve but once in place, it will give you all the cues that will support your future schedule.

Planning is key

Yes, planning is a time saver! Ask your children to pack their schoolbag by themselves and ask your youngest kids to prepare what they want to bring in daycare. A well-positioned erasable whiteboard on which things to remember are noted and checked every morning will empower everyone and take away the stress of forgetting important things. Use pictogram magnets on the refrigerator for children who cannot read.

Check the weather

During your evening routine, make it a habit to check the weather for the next day. That way, you will know what to wear, what accessories you will need (umbrella, sunscreen, jacket, etc.) and you will wake up in a better mood!


If you have checked the weather like we recommended earlier, you will know from the evening if you need light or warm clothes on the following day. By getting used to choose your clothes the day before, you may lose a bit of inspiration and spontaneity but you will avoid looking for accessories all morning! And noticing that your shirt needs ironing in the morning is rather unpleasant!

Alarm clock

Are you a snoozer? You have three options to prevent late mornings from interfering with your daily schedule! If you know you are the kind of person who says "just a few more minutes" when you hear the alarm, you can start by setting it to an earlier time, 6:00 instead of 6:15, for example. If this is not enough, put your alarm clock away from your bed! You will have to get up to silence it. Finally, consider buying a sunrise simulator to wake up in a good mood at the right time!


Not having enough time to eat breakfast is no excuse. Prepare your coffee maker in advance, put everything that is not perishable on the table the night before, make sure that you have all the necessary ingredients and you can even cut fruits or vegetables for a quick omelette.


Recharge your smart phone before going to bed, start a washing (and leave a note to remember putting in in the dryer when you wake up), fill up your car in the evening, make sure that your fridge has everything in store for breakfast and recharge your own batteries by sleeping enough! Waking up tired is the worst way to start a day!

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