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Dealing with the in-between-seasons weather

Layers, layers, layers

Although effective, this solution is potentially dangerous. In the morning, you dress up your child with several layers of clothing. Throughout the day, they can remove some pieces to adapt to the weather, without melting or shivering. The problem here is not that they won’t be comfortable, too hot or too cold, it’s that they throw a layer here and a layer there, and ultimately, end up losing a few pieces. In fact, for many parents, this time of year is when that hunt for missing belongings begins… a not-so-fun game that generally continues all year long.


When we think of leggings, we think of little girls, but know that boys can also wear them and it is very "trendy". In the morning, he or she puts on shorts or a dress and covers their calves with leggings. When the temperature warms up, they can simply remove them and put them in the pockets of their coat or in their backpack.

The famous K-Way

We like this option for several reasons and, although the first one that comes to mind probably refers to childhood memories, it is not the one that will convince skeptics to buy it. No, it's more the practical and utilitarian side of the K-Way that makes it a must: you can put it in a ball at the bottom of a bag, and it's a great windbreaker. This is clearly a must-have during this time of unpredictable weather.

Rain boots

There comes a time when it is better to not take any risk… put rain boots on your child from the get-go! The best way to play in puddle or face unexpected showers is to wear rain boots with a small sole inside or a wool sock. That being said, you have to be wary: when the ground beings to freeze and become slippery, rain boots won’t do the job. They can cause falls and injuries and should therefore be avoided once the weather goes below the freezing point.

Tuques and little gloves

It is well known that we lose heat fastest by the extremities. So, in the morning, we need to think of putting a little tuque of fine wool or cotton and magic gloves on our little brats. Thus, having their heads and hands warm, they will probably be much less cold. To avoid the sad disappearance of one or two gloves, think of sewing them to the coat with a small cord.

Mid-season pants

This type of tracksuit is good for fall and for spring too. Opt for a slightly larger size, so you can put them back when the snow melts. Since they are often light, waterproof and cut the wind, they are perfect for playing in the leaves. Some models are very compact and can stack very well in the front pocket of a school bag. WE love!

The sleeveless vest

With or without a hood, we like the sleeveless jacket because it warms the upper body without providing too much heat. And before the snow falls, children can enjoy their outdoor games (jump rope, soccer etc.) without being disturbed in their movements by thick and heavy long sleeves.

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