Family life

The rules of prom

In the evening
  • Visibility: keep an eye on your friends
  • Accessibility: always be with someone you trust when moving from one place to another
  • Availability: if a problem occurs, be ready to intervene (cell phone)

You want to be treated like an adult? Act like one and be true to your word. Make sure that your partner or your friends know where you’re going or are informed if you must leave early. Always keep cash on you to take a taxi, in case you have to leave abruptly.


  • Be reasonable: it’s not your last night out
  • Be responsible: if you want to be trusted again
  • Be kind: when heading back home, be nice to your parents

Finally, avoid deciding anything on the spot because safety cannot be improvised.

Sandra Paré
Public relations and protocol specialist

President of a public relations firm for over 20 years, Sandra Paré is well known in our communications and public relations community. Whether it is for protocol, public, mundane or artistic events, press relations, artistic or cultural promotion or general communication, her specialized expertise is well established.  She is also a lecturer. As such, she gives workshop-conferences in schools (elementary schools and high schools) and in public libraries on various topics such as good manners, decency, politeness and family, school and society dos and don’ts. She wrote two books on the subject.  Savoir-vivre pour les filles c’est facile! Etiquette guide for girls Savoir-vivre pour les garçons c’est facile! Etiquette guide for boys Éditions La Semaine 2011 ISBN: 9782923771434 (girls) ISBN: 9782923771519 (boys) $17.95

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