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Finally, Louis Verreault does not recommend taking a transition period between the layoff announcement and beginning to look for work, especially if the severance package is meagre. Adding financial stress could affect your process.

If you are financially capable and if you feel the need to do so, you can take a break. Otherwise, it is best to quickly focus on the positive. You must react in order to avoid the downward spiral. The more you wait, the more pressure is put on your success.”

For an effective job search, your business card remains a CV that reflects your skills and past achievements related to the job you want. According to our expert, this step is too often underestimated or botched but it can require a good 20 hours.

Of course, an attractive CV should make a good impression on your future employers. When you are ready, it is also important to tell your network about your job search. Many people find jobs via their friends and acquaintances.

If the person is actively looking, it is estimated that the job search should not exceed three or four months on average. With the current economic context, there is no cloud over the person who lost her job. Employers are not suspicious about layoffs anymore.” says Mr. Verreault. This should reassure you and give you a boost towards a new career!

In collaboration with Annie Boutet, editor.

Tracy-Ann Lugg
Regional Vice-President of Adecco

Mother of four children, Tracy is making  a gradual return to work (4 days a week) since her last maternity leave. She has been Regional Vice President at Adecco since 2004. She manages more than 100 HR professionals and 1,400 essentially temporary employees throughout Quebec. Tracy is sensitive to employee needs and new realities of the job market. Balancing work and personal life is part of her daily concerns for her employees. Adecco, 514-845-4255.

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