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Several studies on the labour market show that 80% of people leave their jobs because of their manager. The main reason remains linked to the interpersonal skills rather than the lack of expertise of their boss. This shows the impact of poor interpersonal skills on a team and it reminds us that interpersonal skills are an essential addition to expertise.

According to a renowned lecturer recently invited to speak before an Adecco team, the new successful organizations will carry qualities linked to interpersonal skills. In short, these organizations will have to be:

  • Alert and able to react swiftly to events;
  • Learning;
  • Courageous with a culture opened to risks and errors;
  • Wishing to celebrate successes;
  • Carrying a vocation and common sense;
  • Informal and not only hierarchical;
  • Empowering;
  • Anxious to share power between individuals in a flattened structure.

All these attributes highlight the fact that organizations will eventually call for managers who are courageous, generous, humble and aware of themselves and others.

In collaboration with Annie Boutet, editor.

Tracy-Ann Lugg
Regional Vice-President of Adecco

Mother of four children, Tracy is making  a gradual return to work (4 days a week) since her last maternity leave. She has been Regional Vice President at Adecco since 2004. She manages more than 100 HR professionals and 1,400 essentially temporary employees throughout Quebec. Tracy is sensitive to employee needs and new realities of the job market. Balancing work and personal life is part of her daily concerns for her employees. Adecco, 514-845-4255.

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