Last-minute Tips for at-Home Tax Filers

Is it possible to check in on the status of my tax return?

When you file your tax return electronically with UFile, you will receive an instant confirmation that is saved for future reference within your file. You also check in the My Account portal on the CRA and RQ websites.

Any last-minute tips and tricks?

Compare your current year’s tax return with the previous year in order to make sure that you have not missed any claims or amounts to include. You should also verify your Notice of Assessment to see if you have any unclaimed amounts that have been carried forward, such as tuition, donations and capital losses.

You should double-check the claims you have made on your tax return with the general guide. The guide gives you line-by-line explanations of the tax return itself, and tells you the new credits that can be claimed in the current year. You want to make sure that the amounts you are trying to claim can be claimed; the general guide will indicate this to you.

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