5 reasons to invest in a RRSP

Time flies

We are young and retirement seems very far away. Let’s get back on Earth and realize that time flies. We will soon be out of time to save money for retirement. Any amount invested in your twenties and thirties will have a much bigger impact than an amount invested in your forties, for example. Even if you only invest a few hundred dollars every year, these amounts will have years to grow.

This week
Spending less this Christmas

Rest assured: it is possible to have a great family Christmas without spending all your savings. The Holidays are a good opportunity to start using wise tricks to spend less!

Best Christmas planning tips

Do you feel like you’re running around like a crazy woman and still can’t get to Christmas in time, like everyone else? Professional organizer Caroline Rochon shares her best tips to plan Christmas!

Surviving Christmas shopping

With your shopping list in hand, you are finally ready to start your Christmas shopping! To survive this extreme experience, here are our top tips.

Getting ready to visit Santa

Is your child meeting Santa for the first time? Meeting this larger-than-life character can sometimes be intimidating for your little one. They could love him, just like they can burst out in tears!