Delicious cocktails for future moms!

Nathalie Regimbal used her inspiration to create six delicious cocktails that contain three essential nutrients required by pregnant women: folic acid, iron and calcium.

Everybody knows that pregnant women have special nutritional needs. So why not combine business with pleasure by giving them delicious cocktails adapted to their nutritional needs?

Folic acid

Appellation. Folic acid or folacin is the name give to vitamin B9 when in supplement form. When it is contained in food, we call it folate.

Sources. Folate is found mainly in organ meat (imagine an offal drink!), dark green leafy vegetables and legumes. It is also found in seeds, nuts, oranges (fruits and juice), pineapple (canned juices) and some other dark green vegetables. Enriched cereals also represent a good source of folic acid.

Folic acid is necessary for…

Folic acid supplements reduce the risk of neural tube anomalies in the foetus.


Appellation. There are two kinds of iron: heme iron and non-heme iron.

Les sources. Heme iron is found in meat, poultry, fish and seafood. Non-heme iron is found in plants like dark green vegetables, legumes, bread and whole grain cereals as well as in flour and cereals enriched with iron. It is also found in nuts, seeds, soy beverages, tofu, tomato juice, fruits and black molasses. Heme iron is better used than non-heme iron. To absorb non-heme iron, add foods rich in vitamin C to your dish or meal.

Iron is necessary for…

Iron is used to make enough red blood cells to meet the growth needs of the foetus and the placenta.

“Iron and vitamin C” cocktails


Appellation. Calcium (you can’t go wrong!)

Sources. Calcium is mainly found in firm tofu made with calcium sulphate, enriched soy beverages, tofu prepared with calcium salt, cow’s milk, goat milk, dairy products, legumes and salmon and canned sardines with bones. Vitamin D facilitates the intestinal absorption of calcium. Therefore, choose foods that combine calcium and vitamin D like milk and enriched soy beverages.

Calcium is necessary for…

Calcium and vitamin D are essential for pregnant women’s healthy bones and to ensure the development of the foetus’ skeleton.

As you can see, all these are non-alcoholic cocktails. Canadian authorities agree that there is no acceptable amount of alcohol and no moment when you can drink safely during pregnancy. If you drink during pregnancy, you risk giving birth to a baby suffering from foetal alcohol syndrome.

Sources consulted in May 2012


Nathalie Regimbal

Nathalie Regimbal is a dietician-nutritionist and mother of 3 kids. She oversees Manger Futé, a team of people passionate about diet that empowers those who want to feed children healthily. To demystify nutrition and diet, Nathalie gives advice on the show La Cantine on Channel V. In addition to her collaboration with, you can read her articles in several print and online magazines. Among others, she is a collaborator in nutrition for Yoopa and Célébrons magazines. To make meal time easier for families and initiate kids to cooking, Nathalie has worked hard to write inspiring books: the best-seller Du plaisir à bien manger… 80 recettes gagnantes pour les familles, and the Mandoline series of illustrated cook books for children, the latest one having just won the prestigious prize of the best French Healthy cooking book from the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2010. To help with meal preparation in daycare centres, the team of dieticians at Manger Futé offers classes and coaching. Manger Futé has also published the practical guides Élaborez rapidement un menu équilibré dans votre service de garde and Élaborez rapidement une politique alimentaire. Discover Nathalie Regimbal's books: Du plaisir à bien manger – 80 recettes gagnantes pour les familles Mandoline – J’ai ça dans le sang! Mandoline – Développe tes défenses naturelles!

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