2013 interior design trends

Here are the colors and designs that will prevail this year.

No one can predict the future but every year, companies, magazines and specialists try to do so. We wonder what will be the trends and what colors, patterns and materials will be promoted.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, trends evolve around us. Just by looking at old magazines, we can see how much things have changed in the past years.

If you like decoration shows, you probably know the expression “what’s in style“. Here’s what you should expect this year.

Color trends

Taupe is still very present in 2013. This polyvalent color is the best of all basics. Taupe walls are perfect to set the background for punchy and dynamic colors. Subtle accents that can be added by tainting it with mauve, yellow, grey or brown allows you to match it with any color. It can be light or dark. White and off-white are still classics but in doubt, in a new construction for example, use taupe on your walls.

Major paint manufacturers always give us their annual predictions, but my favorite is Benjamin Moore. Their color of the year is Lemon Sorbet (2019-60). You can see it on the picture that follows, painted on the wall paneling. This pastel is very delicate and very harmonious with other colors such as mint and coral. These colors are part of the vintage wave that is gaining importance.

Coral and navy blue are two other colors that are featured by Benjamin Moore for 2013. They were really present in 2012 and remain predominant. Coral is beautifu with blue and gold, as well as olive. As for Navy blue, both masculine and feminine, it ranges from cobalt to night blue, almost black.

Patterns, styles and metals

A pattern that is steadily imposing itself is the zigzag. Zigzags are young, dynamic, sophisticated and ethnic. Zigzags and flowers are a perfect match.

A style that keeps gaining popularity in 2013 is the vintage look. Also present in apparel, it seduces us with our own memories, our emotions. It allows us to use furniture from past periods as is or modified. Second-hand shops, garage sales and classified ads are the perfect spot to find treasures if you like vintage items. An easy way to transform an old piece is to paint it in bright and modern colors.

Ethnic inspiration is also very present in 2013. Autochtones and moroccan patterns are printed on fabrics, wallpapers and accessories. A Moroccan mat is sublime and can look amazing with several decors.

Another element that is back this year is gold. After years spent rejected to the profit of chrome and inox, gold is fashionable at last. We can place gol next to silver without a worry in the world. No need to change all of our knobs anytime soon but a vase, a frame or a lamp can give a chic and elegant accent.

Trends come and go; I may be talking to you about things that you’ve already seen or own but you can use these predictions for inspiration and create your own space. Make your home a place that looks like you and who knows? You could be the one who sets new trends in the future.

Jessica Prescott
Interior designer

As a designer who started her training as a decorator, she went on to get her diploma in Interior Design from LaSalle College. Mother of a girl and a boy, she is passionate about intelligent designs, which are both beautiful and functional. Her experience as a mother gives her a practical and realistic approach blending aesthetics and family. Practicing in the Saguenay region, she offers her services on site or via email.

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