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Whether you're a new mom, a new dad or already the parent of toddlers, you want the best for your children. 

Parents have millions of choices to make for their baby and it can be overwhelming to find the right information; that’s why it’s key to find helpful resources to make informed choices.

Do you worry about the ingredients in bubble baths, soaps and creams for your newborn's sensitive skin? JOHNSON'S® understands your concerns and offers gentle, biodegradable, science-backed products that are as good for your children as they are for the environment.

Transparency at JOHNSON'S®

Did you know that JOHNSON'S® products benefit from 125 years of scientific expertise? In our daily lives for over a century, the products are made from quality ingredients, gentle for babies... and parents.

JOHNSON'S® is committed to ingredient transparency. That's why an ingredient transparency tool was recently launched to provide parents with a useful, easy-to-understand guide to choosing the JOHNSON'S® product that's right for you. Thanks to this tool, you'll have a complete picture of every ingredient in our newborn routine products, as well as their benefits.

A newborn's routine

JOHNSON'S® baby products are backed by science and tested by experts. Say goodbye to dyes, parabens, phthalates and sulfates, and hello to products made with naturally sourced ingredients. 

For your newborn's routine, here are three products that parents love. On some product pages, you'll find the tool to find out what ingredients are in baby products, and the reason for their presence: to gently cleanse, moisturize, or maintain product quality and freshness.

Often, the far too long names of ingredients can be frightening. Backed by science, JOHNSON'S® products are proven gentle and effective. Tested by health professionals and the result of in-depth research, you can confidently choose which soap to use on your little one's skin and hair.  


Ultra-gentle cleanser for sensitive newborn skin and eyes. Based on our NO MORE TEARS® formula, this cleanser helps to gently wash away 99.9% of germs, and won't irritate baby's eyes during bath time. 


Hydrates baby's skin, leaving it soft, nourished and feels healthy to the touch. Made with coconut oil, it nourishes skin for 24 hours, and is suitable for children and adults alike!


Clean baby's delicate hair with this gentle, hypoallergenic, tear-free shampoo that cleans and rinses easily, for soft, shiny, manageable hair with a soft, fresh scent. 

JOHNSON'S® bath products are backed by science and tested by experts to ensure they are gentle and effective on baby's skin. JOHNSON'S® strives to provide you the tools to better understand the ingredients in products for your children. A trusted and reliable brand thanks to its products made with naturally sourced ingredients and its transparency.

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