Fashionable accessories for moms

The Musical Bola

Jewelry for pregnancy specifically created to showcase your beautiful round belly, the Musical Bola is a necklace that includes a little ball that contains a musical instrument that will make music when you are moving around. Your baby will recognize the sounds from the 20th week of pregnancy and even beyond!

Available at Mère Hélène, $ 36.

Re-Bel Belt

A high chair you can actually bring with you in your diaper bag, the Re-Bel belt allows you to attach your baby to any chair that has a backrest and it’s made out of durable fabrics with robust straps. With a lot of prints available, this belt is a very practical option and can be used starting 4 months.

Available at Mère Hélène, $ 25.

MoBoleez breastfeeding hat

This big hat will allow you to breastfeed in public while retaining your privacy and without the inconvenience of breastfeeding covers that keep falling or prevent your baby from breathing correctly. The cute images with little messages show your pride with style and a little humor.

Available at Mère Hélène, prices vary between $ 29. and $ 34.

Luna breastfeeding pillow

This comfortable breastfeeding pillow made in Quebec can also be used as a body pillow to help you sleep during pregnancy or as a seat to support your baby. We love the possibility to attach the pillow behind your back to avoid dropping it while breastfeeding and the lovely prints that were chosen by fashion designers.

Available at Bummis, $139.

Pois de Senteur

The Pois de Senteur product line made by Dans un Jardin was created specifically to answer the needs of today’s moms and to take care of the body and soul of an overworked mother. You will love the fresh and comforting scents!

Available at Dans un Jardin, gift basket, $ 57,10

Mei-Tai baby carrier

This asian inspired baby carrier is very easy to use, lightweight and lets you carry your baby in an ergonomic position, close to your body. You can even carry older children if desired!

Available at Chimparoo, $ 116.

Bearview car mirror

Moms know that you have to install the baby seat facing the back of the car so it’s safe for them, but it’s often scary for us to not be able to see our baby while we are driving! Thanks to the Bearview car mirror, you will now be able to see your little angel and avoid worrying!

Available at Mère Hélène, $ 35.

Candace changing kit

For little outings when you don’t need the big diaper bag, you can get this compact changing kit which will allow you to change your baby on the road easily and keep all the essentials close by!

Available at Maman Autrement, $ 19,98

Pacifier Pod

Losing the pacifier is mom’s worst nightmare! With these cute little pacifier pods, you will be able to keep the pacifier clean and never lose it again! The practical handle allows you to attach it to your stroller for rapid and easy reach!

Available at ToysRus, $ 9,99

The Baby Bullet

When babies start to eat solids, a lot of moms chose to make their own homemade baby foods. With the Baby Bullet, you will be able to easily prepare healthy and delicious all natural baby food which you will be able to keep in the provided storage cups.

Available at ToysRus, $ 59,99

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