Camille Bernard

Camille Bernard

Ostéopath, B.Sc.



Camille Bernard is an osteopath. She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Osteopathy Sciences, University of Wales, UK. Her diploma was obtained at the College of Osteopathy in Montreal. As part of her training, she conducted a qualitative research on the clinical specificities of osteopathy for the newborns. She works as an osteopath specialized in newborns, children and pregnant women.

Hospitals, CLSC and CSSS, birthing homes and breastfeeding clinics refer pediatricians, nurses, GPs, midwives and specialists patients to Camille Bernard for osteopathic treatments.

She has also been breastfeeding godmother at Nourri Source for over 15 years where she accompanies and advises mothers in their breastfeeding experience.

You can visit her website or contact her by email or by phone at 514.577.6313

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Plagiocephaly – the flat head syndrome

In the field of paediatrics, the term “flat head syndrome” is used to define an asymmetry of the newborn’s skull. That’s what we call plagiocephaly.

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