8 BlackBerry applications for parents

Parents often wonder how they will be able to manage everything without losing their mind. Thankfully, BlackBerry has planned ahead with their smart phones and tablets! Let's take a look!


For the artist in you who wants nothing more than to create albums for all the funny, touching or important moments in life that you want to cherish forever and ever, let your imagination run free with the Scrapbook application! Save your creations, share them on your Facebook wall or prepare a nice little postcard to send to your loved ones.

Family Shopping List

A totally ingenious interactive application that lets you prepare and create your grocery shopping list wherever you may be. You family members can modify it remotely so you will always have access to their wishes at the touch of a button!

My Family

Are the vaccines up to date? Is junior allergic to something? My family is a very practical application that allows you to organize and manage your entire family’s medical records for easy and quick viewing that lets you see all the pertinent medical information.

A is for Apple

If you are looking for children games that are adapted to their needs and specifically conceived to develop their skills, we recommend you try the educational game A is for Apple which contains a wide variety of games geared towards kids that will offer them hours of guaranteed pleasure!


A free mobile family calendar that is super practical and easy to use and can be accessed by all your family members so they can enter their activities in and keep everyone up to date with their last minute appointments to avoid parents getting worried for no reason!


Are you looking for a quick and simple solution to know where your loved ones are at the click of a button? TrackMe is an application that lets its users register their location and share it with their family or friends so they can always know where they are. Finding a meeting place will never have been so easy!

Calorie Tracker

You want to change your eating habits and start eating healthier but you find counting calories really tedious? Calorie Tracker will do it for you and officially becomes your assistant, your nutritionist and your meal planner all in one!

Adidas miCoach

Most parents don’t have the luxury to have a personal trainer. The Adidas miCoach application will act as your own motivating coach who will help you surpass yourself! You only have to choose a personalized training plan that most suits the sport you are practicing! The application includes a GPS.

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