Fully enjoy your pregnancy

Once you’ve heard the news, do you wonder how you could fully enjoy this amazing experience?

One of the first things that we learn when we get pregnant is that we will experience the whole thing alone. Even if the father is wonderful and if our mom is present, we are still the only one who feels the movements of the baby. We are also the only one who will be emotional, have strange tastes and get a lot of attention. Therefore, it is our responsibility to enjoy it, make the most of it and pay attention to every little details of this experience that could happen just once in our lifetime.

Energy and senses

During pregnancy, the senses of women are tripled, and it is a great period for women who love to eat because if they are not nauseated by food, they will taste everything that they eat differently. Their sense of smell will also be affected, and they will smell a much greater variety of fragrances. If it is bad news during morning sickness, it is great news when you go out for a walk. Those are the reasons why women want strawberries, pickles and ice cream. If there is no cons-indication, enjoy these delicious moments that will not come back anytime soon.

The others

A pregnancy is also a terrific time for women who quickly become the center of attention. Other women talk about their children and grandchildren; men smile shyly and respectfully and the father is sweeter than usual, somewhat protective of the woman who bears his child. The contact with others changes a lot during pregnancy and the happiness that fuses from everywhere encourages pregnant women who are about to give birth.

Being pregnant is also a great time to reflect on our life for women who have a sense of philosophy. It is a time to think about our life and our place in our society and in our world, and on the facts that we will have to explain to this child who will come into this world knowing nothing.


Being pregnant is also an occasion to take care of our skin, to gather information about the toxicity of our products and to be more careful about the way we treat ourselves than when we were alone in our body. Expectant women must as well think about what they eat, drink enough water, eat vitamins and do what is good for them. If this period looks like a sacrifice for some, it is still a health cure that gives our body a little break from everything that we usually do.

Feeling your baby

Towards the end of pregnancy, a woman is never alone. That little baby who seems to be jumping around in our belly shows an elbow and a knee between two quiet periods. Because he reacts to some actions, his mother tries things, grabs his foot, touch him gently and talk to him in such a way that she develops complicity with this little being with whom she doesn’t even have to talk to feel close.

Women who gave birth often miss the presence of their baby, and that is another reason why we should enjoy pregnancy. This unique and magical experience during which you will prepare a human being to come into this world could happen only once or twice in your life so enjoy it, let everyone spoil you and have fun with that big belly of yours!

Image de Anne Costisella

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