Entering the world in peace & quiet

Giving birth naturally with the support of a midwife in a safe, quiet, and warm environment is a unique experience. In a place well suited to welcoming a new life. That has been the mission of the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre for 25 years now.

Women often don’t know that they have the option of a safe and natural delivery in a birth centre. Founded as a pilot project in 1994, the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre was one of the first four birth centres in Québec. Twenty-five years later, the centre is still located in Pointe-Claire and is proud to celebrate its enduring presence in the community.

The Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre provides a calm environment that includes a lounge area, kitchen, and four private rooms. Everything is done to ensure that clients welcome their baby in a calm and supportive environment. An attentive and experienced team of 11 midwives and 5 birth assistants provide expectant parents with a serene experience that reflects their wishes.

In addition to being a place for meetings and exchanges, the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre provides many services and activities, thus giving it a true community mission. Many parents extend their connection to the Centre by becoming volunteers. Alexandra Roy, co-founder and co-owner of Y Kombucha, is one such case. She decided to support new families after she herself was followed there for all three of her pregnancies.

Why did you decide to give birth at the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre?

I knew that I wanted to have my babies assisted by a midwife at a birth centre. I really wanted to be able to go through my pregnancies at my own pace. During my first pregnancy I got in touch with various centres and the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre was the first one to call me.

My eldest son was ultimately born by C-section in the hospital. It’s not what I had hoped for, but everything went well and my midwife was with me throughout the experience. My other two children were born at the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre. With the love and support of the midwives, I had two vaginal births after caesarean (VBAC). What a sense of pride and accomplishment!

What characterizes the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre?

From the time you arrive, there is a feeling of unrushed calm and serenity. The staff take the time to welcome you, to reassure you, and to answer all of your questions. They are there to discuss any concerns, no matter if those concerns are voiced by a man, a woman, a soon-to-be father, or an expectant mother. I feel right at home.

Which room did you chose?

Since I didn’t want a water birth, we eliminated the room with the bath. After my C‑section, I needed calm and peaceful environment for the birth of my second child. The green room seemed like a natural fit. My third pregnancy was a fabulous and energizing experience. And since I knew I was expecting a girl, the red room was the perfect choice!

Did the same midwife accompany you through all three deliveries?

I had a different midwife for each birth. Each of them contributed to my well-being and that of my children in their own way. But they all have one point in common: a deep respect for a woman’s body and for the sanctity of birth.

Why did you decide to volunteer at the Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre?

The midwives are incredibly devoted. They give of themselves without measure. It was important to me that I give back, knowing that there are always needs to fill at the birth centre.

What would you want to tell expectant mothers who are thinking about delivering at a birth centre?

I would simply tell them that it would be one of the best decisions of their lives!

In short

The Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre initially opened as a pilot project in 1994. To date, midwives have delivered over 5000 babies there. The Birth Centre allows women to give birth in a warm and intimate setting.

The team of midwives provide comprehensive care for pregnant women and their families:

  • Perinatal care
  • Supplementary examinations
  • Prenatal group sessions
  • Delivery
  • Postnatal care for both the mother and child during their first 6 weeks
  • If you choose to give birth with a midwife at the Birth Centre, you can decide to give birth at home, at the birth centre, or in a hospital setting.
  • All services are covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

To contact us

Maison de naissance du Lac-Saint-Louis Birth Centre

CLSC du Lac-Saint-Louis, 3rd floor

Pointe-Claire, Québec


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