Acupuncture facelift

Did you know that acupuncture naturally reduces the signs of aging? Edith Charbonneau, our expert, explains us how.

Maternity and time inevitably leave their trace. Our complexion lacks that healthy glow, the dark circles inherited from our many sleepless nights start showing, wrinkles and lines appear. Without affecting our beauty, these prints can bother us.

The end of winter is a perfect time to think about this.

The acupunctural facelift is preventive and curative

By placing fine needles on the face, acupuncture can naturally fight the effects of aging skin.

When wrinkles and lines are not very present, acupuncture can also be used as preventive treatment.

Of course, the effects of acupuncture are not as spectacular as those of injections and cosmetic surgery but this is precisely why it leads so many people to prefer it.

Treatments allow to:

  • Considerably reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles;
  • Reduce dark circles and puffiness;
  • Reduce redness;
  • Restore your skin’s healthy glow;
  • Tone your skin.

Acupuncture treatments quickly give your face a rested look.

The acupunctural facelift is a natural method with no side effects that will also give you a moment of relaxation.

What do needles do?

Placing needles on your face allows to:

  • Activate blood circulation in the face and eliminate toxins;
  • Promote cell activity and skin elasticity;
  • Relax tense areas and stimulate loose parts.
What happens during a session?

During your first appointment with an acupuncturist, he will ask several questions related to the reason of your consultation but also about your health in general and your background. He will assess your energetic profile.

Then, needles will be placed for about 30 minutes. Twenty needles will be used on your face, some on strategic points, others on lines and wrinkles. In this case, very thin needles will be used.

After removing the needles, your acupuncturist will proceed to massage your face with a Korean roll. It will activate your circulation. Then, he will use a facial toner that will increase muscle tone using small pulses.

Side effects

The acupunctural facelift is a natural treatment with no side effects. However, some people can bruise at the insertion point but this is not common and can hardly be seen.

Number of treatments recommended

I recommend a minimum of 5 treatments but for better results, some people may need up to ten sessions. A weekly visit is recommended. Results appear one to three weeks after the first treatment.

What happens after the course of treatment?

After the treatment, maintenance is recommended every month or every two months, depending on the patient. Only one treatment is required then. This way, the results will be maintained.

Most insurance companies reimburse these treatments.

Edith Charbonneau

Edith Charbonneau is an acupuncturist and works specifically with pregnant women and couples with fertility disorders since 2003. Trained by John Levesque acupuncturist, she did an internship in obstetrics at LaSalle hospital. She assisted many women during childbirth, both in hospitals and birthing center. Mother of two boys, she also treats children and has a special expertise in fertility disorders. She works with fertility clinics (Procrea, Ovo, Mc Gill) to offer acupuncture treatments during insemination or in vitro fertilization. As a volunteer breastfeeding godmother for Nourri-Source, she offers support to women wishing to breastfeed. With the help of a nurse, she hosts prenatal activities on breastfeeding at the CLSC Rosemont. It is a great pleasure for her to share her knowledge with prospective and new parents. Edith Charbonneau, Acupuncturist  Member of  L’Ordre des acupuncteurs du Québec and L’Association des acupuncteurs du Québec 6955 Christophe-Colomb, bureau 104 Montréal H2S 2H7

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