Staying active during quarantine is possible!

In response to COVID-19, and understanding the need to provide inspiration and access to fitness and play, BOKS creates “at-home resources” for kids and families.

BOKS, an initiative of the Reebok Foundation, offers some free at-home physical activity resources for families, including daily BOKS classes via Facebook Live. Recognizing that anxiety is at an all-time high due to Covid-19 and resulting school closures, BOKS will provide physical activity games, activities and BOKS classes, to reduce stress with a daily dose of endorphins for kids and families.

“This is an uncertain time and that uncertainty brings stress and anxiety that can be taxing on our mental health,” said Kathleen Tullie, founder and executive director, BOKS. “With kids at home and caregivers being tasked with working from home for the foreseeable future – it is important to us that we provide free resources that are not only fun, but will give kids some much needed movement to stay happy and healthy.”

More Resources

BOKS free resources can be found here.

Participate with our BOKS live workouts every weekday at 12PM ET/9AM PT.

BOKS class playlist

About Boks

In today’s screen obsessed culture, kids are the least active generation in history. This sedentary lifestyle is negatively impacting both their physical, mental and social health. BOKS is a physical activity program designed to reverse this public health crisis by getting kids active and establishing a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. Built on the science and research documented in the book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, BOKS provides free physical activity curriculum, training and support to communities looking to establish and maintain impactful fitness and nutrition programs serving the whole child. Having grown from a single elementary school to a global initiative, BOKS is scalable and its impact is supported by scientific research. BOKS envisions a world in which movement is a foundational part of every child’s day.

Challenge Calendar

Families are challenged each day to participate in the activities listed on the calendar. For April, kids (and parents!) can get moving throughout the day with our BOKS Bursts, BOKS Live Classes on Facebook and Yoga & Mindfulness activities.

Download the calender

Written by Boks Canada, April 2020

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